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Boost your persuasive power with new interactive app  

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Inspire, motivate and convince others

Make great first impressions and build relationships that last. Deliver powerful messages that get people on side.

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"Persuasion isn’t magic. It can be learned – and this app is a great way to do it. Try out a series of short, practical and effective persuasion strategies to get a 'yes' to your requests. I'm excited to show you how increasing your influence can really change your life."

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Robert Cialdini

  The most cited living social psychologist in the world today. Widely regarded as the “Godfather of influence” and author of the international best-selling book, Influence. 

Bringing Cialdini's advice to life 

We all want to hear 'yes' more in our everyday lives. Be guided through 28 practical sessions to unlock your persuasive power – from work, to home.

Support in your pocket for when you need it most 

Personalised, practical tools for whenever and wherever you need them. Want to negotiate your pay rise? Bond with a stranger? Make an inspirational speech? There’s an interactive exercise to guide you through it.

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