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Learn the importance of Emotional Intelligence with our interactive app course

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Manage your stress become more resilient, develop better relationships

The Emotional Intelligence app has been designed to reduce anxiety and depression, help you learn skills set to increase your performance at work and help you to have better, stronger relationships. 

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"I was happy to share my wisdom and expertise on Emotional Intelligence in this easily accessible app - it's an important skill to have which we can all develop overtime with practice and awareness. 


Dr. Daniel Goleman

[Transforming advice into action] 

[Our trusted content in a way you've never seen it before. Try out our 28-session course for a step-by-step actionable guide for developing your compassionate mind.]

[Tools in your pocket for when you need them most ]

[Soothing Rhythm Breathing, Safe Space Meditations, Mapping Emotions in the Body, Drawing the Three Systems, Tuning into your Multiple Selves and much more. ]

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[Interactive and engaging practices]

[Bringing the content to life with the latest technology including a visual Breathing Guide, an interactive Body Scan to map emotions in the body and an Emotion Wheel to tune into how you feel.]

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