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Feel happier, calmer and more connected

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“It’s the first app that I have found that is well paced and really simple to navigate”

Beta Tester

Your complete compassion toolkit

When we struggle with self-compassion, it can impact us in a number of ways:

  • Feeling anxious 

  • Low mood

  • Shame and self-criticism

  • Difficulty being in the present

  • Low self-esteem

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • and many other ways

You’re not alone. However you’re feeling, you’ll have tools to help you, the moment you need them.

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Step-by-step course

Scientifically-backed Compassion Focused Therapy course to help you navigate the ups and downs of life.

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Support in your pocket, whenever you need

Anyone can develop compassion and enjoy all the benefits it brings – we’re looking forward to showing you how.

  • Work through tricky thoughts and prepare for nerve-racking situations using CFT techniques

  • Learn how to work with your self-critic rather than against it

  • Develop helpful tools for managing your difficult emotions

Develop compassion, lift your mood

We spend more time with ourselves than anyone else in life – so being able to support ourselves is an incredibly powerful tool.

  • Come to realise that many of your difficulties are not your fault 

  • Embrace feelings of love and kindness towards yourself and others

  • Experience more moments of calm and connection

Embrace the gift of the present, focus on the now

Experience the joy of really being in the present moment – not worrying about the past, or planning for the future. 

  • Soothe your mind and body through visual and interactive breathing guides

  • Start to notice and appreciate the good in every day

  • Enjoy the moment with Chris and Elaine’s calming meditations

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"We jumped at the chance to help people put Compassion Focused Therapy into action. This is a more visual and interactive version of our workbook which really brings it to life. We think it’s going to make a real difference and help a lot of people to feel better. It’s fantastic that people can access our tools and meditations whenever and wherever they need them."

Dr. Elaine Beaumont

Psychotherapist, Lecturer in Counselling and Psychotherapy and co-author of The Compassionate Mind Workbook

Dr. Chris Irons

Clinical Psychologist, Director at Balanced Mind, co-author of The Compassionate Mind Workbook

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Android version is coming soon

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